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It is likely that you have already "heard" me around on TV, cinema, radio, festival or music app.

One of my working tools is the voice. And I have given life to different types of projects since 2014,

either as an announcer or singer.


I also count on an experience of more than 12 years in audiovisual production for cinema and advertising, added to more than 7 years as advertising service in the field of ​​audio production and voice casting, so I can say that I love what I do and perform with pleasure always my best.


Understand the demands, who the client is, feel the scripts to interpret, record and send.

This is my happy day to day! 


All recordings are made in a professional home studio.

Agility and punctuality in delivery.

With the possibility for remote steering if there is a preference.

Get to know my work here to build a beautiful partnership.

See you soon :)

Brazilian Actress Registration (DRT): 0003982/GO


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