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A summary of my professional journey:
I started in the audiovisual market as a producer for cinema and advertising, I spent more than 10 years in the hustle and bustle of production, so I understand well how the deadlineless demands. After that I worked for 7 years in advertising support for an audio production company, dealing with agencies and direct clients, closing proposals, and producing voice castings. And it was there that I discovered myself as a voice talent. However, it was only after the pandemic that I decided to dedicate myself exclusively to being a voice professional. I studied theater for 2 years and since then I've always been looking to improve. Every step of the process inspires me: from understanding the client's needs, reading and interpreting scripts, recording, editing, and analyzing the result before sending. This is what makes me feel complete and fulfilled every day!


It is important to highlight that all recordings take place in my professional studio, guaranteeing exceptional quality. My approach is characterized by agility and punctuality in deliveries. If you prefer, I am also prepared for remote direction.

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