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It is quite possible that my voice reached you, whether on TV, cinema, radio, festivals, or music apps.

My voice is a powerful tool and I've been using it to bring several projects to life since 2014, both as an announcer and as a singer. With more than 12 years of experience, my journey encompasses audiovisual production for cinema and advertising, in addition to more than 7 years of advertising service, working in audio production and voice casting. I am also an actress in constant improvement, having DRT.

Every step of the process inspires me: from understanding the client's needs, interpreting scripts with passion, recording, editing, and sending. That's what makes me feel complete and fulfilled.

I invite you to get to know my work around here and consider an incredible partnership.

See you soon :)

It is important to highlight that all recordings take place in my professional studio, guaranteeing exceptional quality. My approach is characterized by agility and punctuality in deliveries. If you prefer, I am also prepared for remote direction.

Brazilian Actress Registration (DRT): 0003982/GO


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